2017 Action Plan

2017 Action Plan

Friends, you will recall I don’t like resolutions. It’s not that I’m not about making goals, but that I don’t like setting arbitrary times to start them.

That said, I’ve still got some stuff I’ve been working on and want to keep a priority in 2017:

  1. Finish the goddamn book
  2. Get buff
  3. Remember that complacency is not the same as calm; and the unjust needs to be resisted at all costs
  4. Be thoughtful and organized, because small kindnesses and competencies mean a lot

Do you have any goals in progress, whether or not you want to call them resolutions? What’s in the works? Let me know in the comments, and good luck in 2017.


February Resolutions

Like a too-old hipster, I’m not into the whole January resolutions scene. It’s way too mainstream. That, and it’s an exercise that is repeatedly, statistically, doomed to failure. We wait until January 1 to launch into our grand life changes rather than starting in December, when we conceive of these plans, because there’s some symbolic importance with the new year that disguises procrastination. We make big impossible dream resolutions, which is all well and good until you’re crushed under the ill-defined weight of them and just give up. And most of us are crushed: 92% of people fail their New Year’s resolutions, generally by February.

But I do like big impossible dreams. I like working on my book, getting frustrated and throwing things against the wall (soft things, I’ve got a security deposit to think about), and then working on my book some more. I like the idea of training for and running a marathon. I like doing a sometimes cool, sometimes hectic, always challenging job where I am always in just slightly over my head. I like learning new things and getting better at being an adult human being.

So hey, we’re in February. The point at which most people have failed in pursuit of their Grand Dreams of 2015. Yet there’s 11 months left in the year, and hopefully many more months than that left in our lives to do all that stuff. We’ve got all that failure out of the way, so why not renew, or start new, and resolve again to do all those things you swore you’d do in January 1.

Start now, and by next January 1 you’ll be that much farther along.