Fear of the To-Do

Yet another argument in favor of just getting started already, the blog Frictionless lays out how our brain builds up projects that, really, when we get started, are not nearly so horrible as we made them out to be.

So just get started already. Type gibberish if you have to until real words come out. It’s that much easier to see, hey, this isn’t so bad. And now look, I’m already writing, so I might as well keep at it.

Make Peace with Writing Something Awful

A big part of writing is overcoming the things that keep me from it. There are hours in the day I could spend writing but I don’t. The excuses are many–I’m asleep, I’m eating, I’d rather watch this episode of Law & Order, etc etc–and probably only that first one is legit. And it’s easy to ‘get out’ of writing, especially in that post-work haze window that I must fit it in. Because I’m not inspired. I’m not feeling creative. I have no good ideas, I’m just going to write crap, so why bother.

But 99% of the people who’ve ever written anything have said, and I paraphrase here, just f’ing do it. Accept that you are powerless in the face of the horrible prose that will flow, or sort of stutter-stop, from your fingers. And keep going. One day, perhaps, you will throw away this crap, or try to redeem it. But today is not that day. Today just get it out, and keep getting it out. Then suddenly you’ll have written something substantial. It may be a substantial disaster, but hey, those things get published too.