U.S. Election Day Feel Good Roundup

Updated 11/11/2016: I guess I’m going to keep this up for four more years.

It’s election day in my native United States, and anyone who has been paying attention for .2 seconds knows it has been sort of nasty and unpleasant to follow. If you can vote and haven’t, please hurry and get on that before the polls close; if you have, good job, I hope you got a sticker!

And now, please enjoy a few select feel good items while we wait for the results to come in.

A Japanese YouTuber visits a rabbit cafe:

The Calm meditation app, with lots of soothing nature noises:
"Calm" Meditation App

Puppy Bowl highlight reel:

Can I Pet Your Dog, the assertively and unapologetically happy podcast about dogs:
Can I Pet Your Dog? Podcast

An absurdly delicious recipe for vegan chocolate chip cookies made with coconut oil.

And in conclusion, the poem “Love After Love” by Derek Walcott.

The stuff of your life is enough.