Hello! Jordan, U.S. born, Tokyo residing. I write. Fiction is my passion, blogging is my side hustle, web marketing is my day job. I volunteer to empower everyone to live comfortably and safely in Japan.

I post every Sun/Wed Asia Pacific, Sat/Tue everywhere else. This site is a creative lifestyle blog focused on writing, with occasional digressions on travel and other thoughts. In the archives you can find a lot of things from the past lives of this blog, including my experiences getting an MBA.

You can find my fiction at … nowhere yet. You can find my professional blogging at Lealta.jp. You can contact me at: me AT jordanwyn DOT com. If you want to say hello leave a comment any time.

  • saylecjy

    Hi Jordan, geat blog. Lots of useful information and inspiring thought. Really apreciated for it!

  • jonathan webster

    Hi Jordan, your information on hitotsubashi is very helpful. I would like to ask if you know the chance of getting off wait list from round 1 admission after the school considering round 2 applicants?

    • Hi Jonathan, you’re very welcome. I’m afraid I have no idea – I imagine it depends on a lot of things, including the other applicants in round 1 and round 2. Good luck to you!

  • Eileen

    Hi Jordan,

    While researching on Hitotsubashi MBA program on google, I happen to chance upon your blog and I really enjoyed reading about your experiences studying and living in Tokyo. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences out so vividly on your blog! 🙂

    I am currently deciding if I should pursue an MBA in Hitotsubashi ICS and I have a couple of burning questions that I would really like to find out. If its possible, do you mind spending a couple of minutes to answer them for me? Short answers will do! And if you find certain questions uncomfortable to reply, please feel free to skip them.

    Below are the questions:
    1. How are most of the assessment in Hitotsubashi MBA conducted – (in terms of grading/exams format)?
    2. Is the curriculum very intensive – (9 to 5 daily or is it quite flexible depending on the modules you are taking)?
    3. How do you feel being a female in the cohort? Are you given an equal chance in taking part in discussions, etc? (I am asking this question because I noticed the 2016 cohort proportion of girls is only 33%)
    4. Being a MBA conducted fully in English, are there certain circumstances where it become necessary to speak/write in Japanese?
    5. Is it easy to get some form of scholarship or stipend while studying in Hitotsubashi?

    I’m sorry if I intimidated you with so much questions. Looking forward to getting a reply from you!

    • Hey Eileen! Thanks for the comment. Not intimidating at all. ;D See answers below:
      1. Mostly class participation, plus midterm and final exams. Some groupwork depending on the class.
      2. September-December is pretty much 9-5 plus group work, reading and homework after class, so it’s full time. January on can be pretty light, and it’s possible to get all your course work done within the first year so if you do the two year program your second year is “free” except for your internship or study abroad. This was really useful for me when I was job hunting in Japan.
      3. Shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to talk privately.
      4. Nope, you can get by with 0 Japanese. I would recommend studying it though, especially if you want to work here after graduation.
      5. Yep! I got half off my tuition in total, and also a living stipend for one term through a government scholarship.

      Hope that helps! If you have any other questions just let me know.